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Mô tả: Two kind of steam
MEDI VAP machine is designed in a compact size, but it produces incredible performances.
Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Ngày đăng: 25-11-2013

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 ANS Việt Nam xin hân hạnh cung cấp cho Quý khách hàng sản phẩm:
Two kind of steam


MEDI VAP machine is designed in a compact size, but it produces incredible performances.
The MEDI VAP reaches quite large production of steam with operating pressures maximum of 7 bar, which makes it in the market a unique machine.
This is due to the high level technologies used to create this machine, which have been employed by ALBERTI INTERNATIONAL structure;
ALBERTI INTERNATIONAL actually knows how to develop and monitor technologies achieved trough its fully equipped research and development centre.
A simple and intuitive screen will guide you step by step and in a simple way, to all the operational functions that reside in MEDI VAP machine in notifying you of current alarms, or simply informing you of the parameters.
With our MEDI VAP the production of steam is so easy for the first time in the cleaning sector!
MEDI VAP produces drops of steam which may change in size depending on your needs.
Monitoring is totally complete with MEDI VAP.
Thanks to powerful software and a special port of communication “pcmachine”, our technical staff will place with very precision all data and information which need for a safe and precise operation.

All these innovations, coupled with high technology applied to make MEDI VAP a machine with sure interest.
Electronic Limescale
Hose Reels
Stainless steel boiler
Hood abs + polystyrene
Controls 24V
Flame control
Control microleakage
Disp.Asp.Det alta pressione
Disp.Asp.Detergente bassa
Fuel filter inspectionable
Brakes on wheels
Lime + electronic softener
Independent current source
Water tank
Pipe 10 meters special high temperature, heat protective cover with quick and electrical cable
Pressure Control
Tank Cleaner
Electric Magnetic limescale system
Low fuel warning light
Voltage network lamp
Total Stop
Safety Valve
Water tank with float
series optional not equipped

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